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What is the difference between a slotted and unslotted basin waste?

Most basins have an overflow which is incorporated internally into the basin moulding, so that any water going through the overflow hole runs back into the main basin drain. A slotted basin waste has slots which allow any overflowing water to run into the main waste, eliminating the need for any extra plumbing. If you are using a basin which does not have an overflow, or has an overflow hole which requires a separate connection, you would need to use an unslotted basin waste. Each having their pros and cons, basins requiring or incorporating an unslotted waste can generate unpleasant odours if incorrectly fitted or if they develop a build up of residue. Slotted waste systems can complicate the unblocking of your sinks’ drainage system on rare occasions. On the plus side you can rest assured that if you were to accidentally leave the taps running, you wouldn’t flood your bathroom with the use of an overflow. Depending on your current setup, here at we have the expertise and the resources to offer a huge range of replacement basin waste systems to rejuvenate tired and discoloured bath and basin wastes. Whatever you may have currently installed, either a slotted or unslotted basin waste, we can supply brand new, quality basin waste systems at prices to suit a wide range of budgets. Covering a huge range of designs and finishes, we can deliver the correct slotted and unslotted basin wastes throughout the UK swiftly. But why stop there? Here at we offer a complete range of sanitary ware and bathroom equipment to offer you the widest possible choice if deciding to treat yourself to a brand new bathroom at a price you can afford. Our website offers you the complete selection of basins, basin waste systems, toilets and baths you will need, in addition to a host of essential bathroom accessories and furniture to accommodate your every requirement. Call our team of professional advisors today or view our online catalogue for great deals and savings on your next bathroom.



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