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Roll top - Roll top bath - Baths roll top - Freestanding bath

So Bathrooms are pleased to offer a full range of bathroom furniture including freestanding baths and roll top baths.  A freestanding bath is now a must have item in the interior design world and with so many styles and shapes available you are sure to find a freestanding bath that will fit in with your bathroom perfectly. Freestanding baths are available in a variety of styles - the slipper bath is very popular, with this deceivingly large bath it is very hard to not feel romantic.  The slipper bath can add a touch of elegance in any bathroom and become a focal point of a home.  Roll top baths are also very pleasing on the eye – the baths roll top curves perfectly and sleekly adding not only a contemporary feel but also giving any home a touch of tradition.

Roll top baths are iconic of Victorian times and although they have come a long way since then there is something majestic when you see a roll top in someone’s home.  Available on lovely and skill fully crafted cast iron claw legs or something more modern such as wood blocks – you can choose whichever roll top bath suits you and your home best. If you are ready to choose a new bath for your home then take a look at what we have to offer.  At So Bathrooms we pride ourselves in offering excellent value for money on our bathroom furniture you will see through our collection that our range of freestanding baths and roll top baths are available at a price which is massively lower than the regular retail price.  Just because we can offer you a roll top at such a good price does not mean that you will not be gaining a high quality product.  All of our products are inspected by a trained company representative to ensure that they are of the highest standard quality and something that we are willing to put our name to

Customer service is very important to us here and we offer not only customer service when you are choosing your perfect roll top bath but also offer after sales service on all products that we sell.  You can be sure that you can trust in So Bathrooms for your bathroom furniture. So take a look at our baths range and we are sure that you will find a look that is a century old that can fit perfectly in your modern and contemporary home.

Bathroom radiators - Towel radiators

Many people often over look their bathroom radiators when remodelling their bathrooms. However, a towel radiator is a very important part of your bathroom and is not something that should be left out. A new bathroom radiator will not only keep your bathroom warm and free from moisture feeding bacteria but also can add a great deal to the decor of your room. A popular choice of bathroom radiator is the towel radiator. Towel radiators are multi functional within your bathroom as well as being pleasing on the eye. Not only do they keep your bathroom warm but they also dry your towels after every use and keep them toasty warm for the next time someone needs them.

A towel radiator will also keep your towels fresh for longer, as they will not be left full of moisture from the last use. Should you choose to purchase your towel radiators from SO Bathrooms, you are guaranteed to get them at the best possible price and with a superb after care service you can be sure that you are receiving a high quality product. If you are interested in purchasing new bathroom radiators then why not take a look over SO bathrooms large selection today, we are confident that you will find the perfect radiator for your bathroom.

Steam rooms - Steam showers

When taking part in home improvement, many people are now deciding to revamp their bathrooms, there is now a large selection of products available to improve and modernise your bathroom. A popular choice for many in to have a steam shower placed in their bathroom, which can also double as a steam room. Steam showers and steam rooms have very therapeutic effects. Not only will the placement of a steam shower or steam room in your bathroom look fantastic but it can also improve your lifestyle. Steam showers are perfect for washing away the stresses of a long hard day at work, many incorporate massage jets which can provide relief for a number of back ailments and also joint pain. Steam showers also reach very high temperatures which can improve circulation in the user as well as reducing fatigue and relaxing the entire body.

Every steam shower that SO Bathrooms provides is made to the highest standards and contains state of the art technology with some steam rooms containing radios, telephones and even televisions. There are many optional extras available with the purchase of one of these wonderful inventions. SO Bathrooms supply a large range of steam showers that can be viewed on our website, all of our products are available with huge discounts on the regular retail price allowing you to get this product and achieve amazing savings.

Heated towel rails - Heated towel rail

Here at SO Bathrooms we stock a large selection of heated towel rails. The heated towel rail is now seen as not only a desirable aspect of bathroom decor but as a bathroom essential. If you are in the market for a new bathroom radiator then the heated towel rail is not something that you should overlook. The most attractive feature of heated towel rails is that they are multi functional.First and foremost they fulfil their purpose of heating the bathroom to a warm and comfortable level. Secondly, they are specifically designed to dry your towels, not only is it lovely to envelope yourself in a warm and toasty towel when you emerge from the shower or the tub but it also prevents the build up of moisture feeding bacteria within the towel which in turn leads to your towel staying fresher for longer.

Another feature of this sort of bathroom radiator is that it’s highly pleasing on the eye. With so many styles and designs and even a choice of colours you can find a radiator that fits into your bathroom perfectly as well as enhancing the feel and decor of the room. Take a look over our large selection of heated towel rails and we are confident that you will find the ideal radiator for your home.

Bathroom basin - Bathroom basins

Here at SO Bathrooms we are pleased to offer a large variety of bathroom basins to all our customers. With every persons bathroom being different it is only right that there are a large selection of basins that allow you to find the perfect fit for your rest room. Although the bathroom basin is a major part of the room, it is often a piece that gets overlooked. It should be noted that with so many designer models on the market, you can now give your bathroom a splash of individuality by simply adding a new bathroom basin. There are many different types of basin that include that wall mounted basin, the pedestal mounted basin, the semi mounted pedestal and often thought to be the most modern, the counter top basin.

With so much choice it can be overwhelming, but by taking into account how you want your bathroom to feel, for example modern or traditional, you are sure to find the perfect accompaniment for your bathroom suite. If you are looking for bathroom basins then you have come to the right place, our large selection of sinks allows every customer to find what they are looking for. We offer high quality goods at low prices allowing you to be confident that you have purchased from the best possible supplier.

Bristan taps

If you are on the hunt for perfect bathroom taps then look no further than a Bristan tap.  Bristan taps come in a varied range of styles and sizes,  their portfolio is so vast that you are sure to find the ideal Bristan tap that compliments your bathroom suite perfectly.  Bristan have been manufacturing high quality taps for a number of years and therefore can offer you the very best choice of designs.  If you are looking for bathroom tap inspiration then you will find what you need with our selection of Bristan taps.

Whatever tap you require, whether it is basin or bath taps, shower mixers or the more modern deck mounted, wall mounted taps and the easy to use lever handle taps you can be confident that you will find the ideal accompaniment for your bath and basin when you choose to purchase a Bristan product.

SO Bathrooms are pleased to offer all our customers our wide selection of Bristan taps and accessories that includes plugs, shower hoses, shower handsets along with smaller essentials such as light pulls, bathroom hooks and toilet roll holders.  To view all our Bristan products then take a look over our website where you are sure to find not only the perfect Bristan taps but a number of other accessories to enhance your bathroom.